I built this site to share recipes with my family and friends. It is a public site, so anyone is welcome, and I hope you enjoy it. This site is a labor of love and is not monetized, so I am not going to make you click through 47 pictures and paragraphs of fluff to get to the recipe. I’ll have a paragraph or two talking about the recipe and then move right to the details. I don’t allow comments at this point as that requires lots of time to manage, which I don’t have. The recipes are all tested several times before I publish them. Of course, adjust these to your own taste preferences. Enjoy.

About The Header

The background for the header image is a collage of my mother’s handwritten recipes with a sepia tone added in post-processing.

Her recipe box is one of the greatest treasures that I inherited from her and these recipes are the basis for many of the traditional recipes on this site.