Praise be to you, Lord:

We give you thanks for this food you have given us for sustenance and enjoyment.
We give you thanks for Mother Earth and the creatures within the Earth that create and enrich the soil.
We give you thanks for the oceans, lakes, rain, and the cycle of water.
We give you thanks for our star, the sun, that provides us with light, warmth, and energy for growth.
We give you thanks for the winds, the air, and the plants on land and sea that renew our life-giving oxygen.
We give you thanks for the pollinators who make the fruits and seeds possible.

Bless those who came before us who cultivated and preserved the seeds for the plants we eat.
Bless those who work the soil and help it bring forth our nourishing food.
Bless those who harvest, process, package, and deliver our food.
Bless the cooks and those in the kitchen who have prepared our meal today.

O, God, you have created this complex and incredible system to provide us with our needs. Help us to work to keep it in the balance that you intended. Let our gathering around the table be one of unity and solidarity, and may we always help and care for those who don’t have enough to eat today.


Copyright © 2022 By Mark Karney – Easter 2022