Smoked Salmon Spread

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Sep 012015

Smoked salmon is a staple of our diet and is the primary food that I make in my smoker. This is a quick recipe for a delicious spread that can be used on crackers or thinly sliced french bread or probably even as a vegetable dip. I used smoked chunk salmon in this recipe as opposed to the thinly sliced Lox that you would put on a bagel, but that would probably work, too. I just haven’t tried it.

Shrimp Spread

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Jan 252015

Shrimp has been getting a lot of bad press lately, mostly because of the questionable conditions under which it is farmed. When I saw that my  favorite grocery store, Heinan’s, carries sustainable, wild caught Oregon baby shrimp, I came up with this recipe for a quick appetizer spread.

Mushroom Walnut Paté

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Dec 072013

I found the basis for this recipe on the web and did my usual modifications to spice it up a bit. We served it for our Friday night group and it was an instant hit. It takes a little more effort than a typical simple spread, but is every bit worth the effort.

Jul 262013

I am always looking for ways to use up the summer bounty of produce and here’s another one. Benedictine is a Kentucky staple, but little known outside of the state. Now, this culinary creation has nothing to do with the good monks who make wine and bread in the basements of their monasteries, but was invented by Jenny Benedict (thus the name) around the turn of the 20th century. Jenny started a tearoom on downtown Louisville’s South Fourth Street in 1911. Her recipe was cream cheese, cucumber juice, onion juice and salt and pepper and a pinch of cayenne, and a couple of drops of green dye. It became and still is an institution in Louisville, where, I am told, they spread it on everything.

Lilly’s restaurant in Louisville serves an updated version of the recipe which features the crunch of cumbers and onions, rather than just the juice. Here is my version of the recipe with a couple modifications to bring out the flavor of the cucumbers, a feature of my summer garden.