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Mar 022013

FlatbreadI was looking for something unique to go along with hummus rather than the usual pita bread, so I modified my pizza dough recipe a bit and came up with this flatbread recipe. It’s easy to make other than it takes a bunch of cookie sheets, but it is worth the trouble.

I topped my pieces with fresh rosemary, others with toasted sesame seeds, and some with fresh black pepper. You can be innovative here. This recipe contains a significant amount of whole grains without being overly heavy.

Fresh flat bread goes well with hummus and tapenades or you can add various toppings for a full light meal or appetizer.

Phillip Bread

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Dec 152011

Jared ate dinner at his friend Phillip’s (thus the name) house and was served this bread and we have been making it ever since. Phillip’s parents are from Italy and thus this is an authentic Italian recipe which his mom, Claudia,  gave to us.