Huevos Whatever

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Feb 012019

We were caught in a January Polar Vortex with temperatures in the minus range and I needed to drive Natalie to work since her car wouldn’t start. I knew I had part of a loaf of multigrain bread left for a quick breakfast of toast and coffee. I went to slice the bread, but mold had beat me to it. Panic! I looked in the refrigerator and the closest thing I had to bread was a package of corn tortillas, but toasted tortillas wouldn’t cut it for breakfast. So. in a few minutes, this is what I came up with. Usually desperation cooking produces OK results, this one turned out superb, so it made the website. Unfortunately, my Spanish vocabulary is very limited.


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Jan 102012



Sunday morning omelets have been a tradition with us for a long time, especially in the summer when we would rather be eating outside on our porch or deck, rather than at a restaurant. A true omelet is cooked more like a pancake or crepe with the filling inside and then folded over. I rarely made proper omelettes and they varied between something like an omelet to scrambled eggs with vegetables in them.

A couple of years ago, Natalie got me a Rachel Ray ovenproof frying pan for Christmas and I developed this Fritatta recipe, or really method of cooking

that I have used for breakfast and brunches ever since. It is simple and somewhat foolproof.