Mark’s Rickyard Barbecue Sauce

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Feb 022014
Ribs in smoker

Ribs in smoker.

Year’s ago we were driving through Tennessee on our way to a video shoot in Chattanooga and stopped to eat at a roadside restaurant. In the gift shop I found a book, Jack Daniel’s Old Time Barbecue  Cookbook.  This is a wonderful book that tells the  history of barbecuing, the techniques and culture of barbecue and has many recipes that came from Jack Daniels employees and other traditional barbecue sources. This recipe is adapted from some of the sauce recipes in that book.

I’ve had a smoker for a long time and I like the taste of smoky ribs. In the tradition of the barbecue greats, I smoke the ribs without the sauce and you add your own sauce before you indulge. That way the great taste of the meat comes through and you are not eating sugary candied pork that is so often passed off as barbecued ribs.


Quick Aioli

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May 252012

Making home made aioli is wonderful, but it is time consuming. Here’s a simple recipe for a quick aioli that is a delicious accompaniment for grilled fish and appetizers.

Spicy Nuoc Mam Sauce

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Dec 102011

This is a spicy Vietnamese sauce that we use on our Vietnamese barbecued pork patties. It would probably be good with grilled meats, vegetables and seafood.