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My nephew John likes my popcorn and has requested the recipe. So here it is.

When I was growing up, popcorn was our most favorite evening snack. My mother popped it in a big Wearever aluminum pan on our gas stove. Years later, when Natalie and I were newly married, we taught high-school religious education in our parish, St. Hubert’s. The kids met with us in our home every week and a tradition soon developed that we end the evening with popcorn. And the tradition of my youth continued; we popped it in a large pan, in shortening, on the stove.

Now shortening has gotten a bad rap lately because it is a hydrogenated fat with lots of trans fats. So I modified the recipe to use heart-healthy olive oil.

Uncle Mark’s Famous Popcorn
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Cook Time: 5 minutes

Category: Snack Foods, Vegan, Vegetarian

Author: Mark Karney


  • Popcorn
  • Olive Oil
  • Sugar
  • Salt


  1. Heat a large heavy pan on the stove. Use approximately 1 Tbsp. of Oil per 1/4 cup of popcorn.
  2. Add the oil to the pan and a couple of kernels of popcorn.
  3. When those pop add the rest of the popcorn, and shake occasionally so that the popcorn heats evenly, and shake continuously once the popcorn starts to pop.
  4. When the popping stops pour into a large bowl.
  5. Salt lightly, and sprinkle on about 1 heaping teaspoon of sugar per large bowl.
  6. Enjoy!


You can try different types of oil for different flavors. I have used toasted walnut oil and half sesame and half olive oil.

Another option I love is no sugar and truffle salt instead of regular salt.

You can add butter if you like, but this will really boost the calories and saturated fat.

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